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Maintenance and Protection Plans Protect Your Home & Budget

There really is no place like home

It’s where you relax and feel comfortable after a busy day. Our Protection Plans can help maintain that comfort and bring you peace of mind – helping you save on unexpected repair costs while making sure that your furnace, cooling and plumbing run smoothly.

Experts recommend protecting your HVAC equipment with a protection plan after the unit has been in use for seven years. The unit should be protected up to 15 years of age, after which experts recommend replacing the equipment.

Protection plans range from $13.99 to $99.99 a month

What Do Our Protection Plans Cover?

  • 365-day parts and labour protection
  • Have no deductible or hidden costs, and require no pre-inspection
  • Feature a full guarantee of our service
  • Include unlimited calls for service – we will be there when you need us
  • Home Care Report including expert assessment and recommendations

How is a protection plan different than a maintenance plan?

An annual maintenance plan has one of our technicians come to your home to look over your covered equipment. With rising energy costs making energy efficiency more important every day, these maintenance checks can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns. The technician will also check for carbon monoxide leaks.

Get in touch with us today to sign up for a protection plan and bring peace of mind to your home.

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