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Efficiency upgrades save you money but can get very pricey. Find out how you can get smart home equipment free.

Nest thermostats, Google minis, Ecobee thermostats, whatever your family needs we help you get it without breaking your bank.

Water Filters

Get clean and purified water straight from the tap with a FREE water filtration system! $0 Down and a free installation.

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30% OFF

Save on energy bills, add value to your home and get a certified installation for absolutely free! Get this deal now, for a limited time only!

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Free Nest Thermostat Promotion

Save 18% on your energy bills with a Nest Smart Home Thermostat! Now for absolutely free for qualifying members.

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Pick one, Get a free smart home product

Pick a service or equipment upgrade and get one FREE smart home product plus LiveSmart Care, maintenance & protection! Yes, you can also select more than one and get 2 or up to 3 Free smart products! Calculate the monthly payment and start the journey to own your home equipment.

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